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Growth Charts


 Each growth chart is hand painted on a
12" x 42" canvas, with a dowel rod at the top and bottom. The bottom dowel keeps the growth chart weighed down and is sewn into the canvas. The girl designs hang from ribbon and the boys hang with rope.  All of the growth charts can be personalized up to 10 characters. The hanging peg is not included with the growth chart, but may be purchased separately.

*Blue Star Peg HSB-
*Blue Star Peg HSB
$8.00 $4.00
*Red Star peg HSR-
*Red Star peg HSR
$8.00 $4.00
*White flower peg HFW-
*White flower peg HFW
$8.00 $4.00
*White Star peg HSW-
*White Star peg HSW
$8.00 $4.00
GC830 aqua trellis growth chart-
GC830 aqua trellis growth chart
$48.00 $24.00
GC832 pink trellis growth chart-
GC832 pink trellis growth chart
$48.00 $24.00
GC834 gold trellis growth chart-
GC834 gold trellis growth chart
$48.00 $24.00
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